Born in Vercelli on 6  May 1964

Conservation Training

1983 - 1987

  • Academy of Fine Arts ‘Brera’, Milan. Master’s Degree in Painting, Prof. G. Devalle. This four years course has included:

  • Course on “ Theory of Conservation”, based upon the book of Prof. Cesare Brandi - held by Prof. G. Clerici

  • Course on “Modern and Contemporary History of Art”, Prof. G.Accame and Prof. F. Meneguzzo


  • Course “Conservation of Historical Buildings Plasters”, C.N.A. (National Confederation of Craftsmen), Turin. With the participation of a scholar of ancient Italian plasters, Master Gilberto Quarneti.

  • Course “Florentine Methods of Retouching (Abstraction and Chromatic Selection) held by Conservator Gabriella Forcucci, Palazzo Spinelli, Florence.

  • Course “New Methods and Materials for Cleaning Polychrome Surfaces”- based upon Richard Wolbers' methods - held by Prof. P. Cremonesi and A.C.R. (Association of Restorers and Conservators), Milan.

  • Course “ Techniques of Mural Decoration and Trompe-l’oeil”, Scuole Artigiane San Carlo, Turin.


  • Training course on new materials for wall paintings conservation (ciclododecan, colloidal silica), under the supervision of the Head Conservator Jörg Breitenfeldt and Associates - Leonardo Project, Berlin/London

2008 - 2017

  • Course on Geology, Department of Environmental and Land Engineering, Polytechnic University, Turin.

  • Seminar “ The Use of Cyclododecan in Preliminary Interventions of Conservation”, held by Conservator Hans Hangleiter, Cesmar 7 and C.N.A., Bergamo, Italy.

  • Research, study and training on the traditional techniques of scagliola
    marble, under the supervision of Master Silvio Dellavedova.

  • Attended practical courses on the techniques of scagliola marble, Laboratorio del Marmo Artificiale (Scagliola Marble Workshop), Rima (Vc), Italy.

  • Seminar “Use of Digital Technologies in Conservation” - C.N.A, Fondazione Villa Fabris, Thiene, (Vi), Italy
    - Course of scagliola inlay, held by Filippo  Carnazza, Carpi (Mo), Italy.
    -Various partecipations at the “Salone del Restauro” - a three days symposium for conservators - held by accredited Institutions of Conservation, Ferrara, Italy.
    - Preliminary course on thermographic investigations for buildings maintenance, Farad s.r.l, Florence, Italy
    - APLAR simposyum “Use of Laser Techniques in Conservation”, Florence, Italy
    - Since 2012, member of the “Laboratorio del Marmo Artificiale” Rima, (Vc), Italy -

Professional Career

Assistant in projects of the Perry-Lithgow Partnership

1999 - 2013

  •  Rochester Cathedral, Kent - English Heritage. Consolidation and cleaning of extensive medieval painted plaster vault in the Crypt.

  • Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire - National Trust. Conservation of C18th oil on plaster wall paintings, by Sir James Thornill.
    Staircase and Entrance Hall ceilings and walls.
    Winner project of the "2010 Award for Conservation", Pilgrim Trust, in collaboration with I.C.O.N. and the Royal Institute of Great Britain.

  •  Wallington Hall, Northumberland - National Trust. Extensive scheme of C19th oil painting on canvas, plaster and stone throughout the Central Hall, by William Bell Scott and others.

  • Peterborough Cathedral, Cambridgeshire - English Heritage.
    C13th Nave ceiling, oil paint on wood. Six year project, records and treatment works to the painted decoration. Extensive recording and treatment works to the C13th North and South Transept ceilings; the C14th Apse Ceiling (overpainted in C19th); the late C15th/early C16th Presbytery Ceiling (overpainted in C19th). Apse ceiling includes marouflage canvas. Extensive recording and treatment works to the C13th and C14th wall paintings throughout the building.

  • St Alban’s Cathedral, Hertfordshire - English Heritage. Various years of a phased conservation project. Nave and north transept, series of C12th to C15th wall paintings.

  • West Wycombe, West Wycombe Hall, Buckinghamshire - National Trust. Conservation of the C18th painted ceilings in the Study.

  • All Saints Church, Shorthampton, Oxfordshire - National Trust. Extensive scheme of C13th to C18th wall paintings throughout the Nave.

  • St Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury, Shropshire - Churches Conservation Trust. Chancel, conservation of C19th painted stone sedilia.

  • St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham, West Midland. Extensive C19th Pugin decorative schemes, oil on plaster, in the Hardman and St Peter’s Chapels.

  • Old Gwernyfed, Velindre, Powys, Wales. Private residence.Conservation of two C17th tromp-l’oeil decorations on plaster.

  • St Mary’s Church, West Walton, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Conservation of a series of C13th to C18th wall paintings.

Other Conservation Projects


  • Mansfield Traquair Centre, Edinburgh
    Assistant to Karen Dundas, ‘Scottish Wall Paintings Conservators’
    Conservation of C19 Phoebe Anna Traquair’s wall paintings,


  • Banqueting House, Historic Royal Places, London.
    Assistant to Greg Howarth, under the supervision of architect Richard Ireland
    Uncovering trials of the original C17 beamed ceiling and mural fascia by Inigo Jones



  • Corby Castle, Carlisle, Cumbria. Private Residence, Tempietto.
    Condition survey of the C18th and C19th wall paintings. Emergency
    consolidation work of the C18th wall paintings.



  • Reform Club, Pall Mall, London
    Billiard Room, conditions survey of the C19th scagliola marble interior



  • Reform Club, Pall Mall, London
    Autonomous restoration work of the damaged C19 plaster of scagliola
    marble, first floor, East Gallery.


2012 - 2013

  • Reform Club, Pall Mall, London.
    Assistant to the Company I.F.A.C.S.
    Restoration and conservation of the C19th ceilings and walls scheme,

  • St Mary’s Church, Troston, Suffolk.
    Site supervisor of the Head Conservator Andrea Kirkham.
    Conservation of C14th to C16th wall paintings - Historic Churches Trust



  • Tomb of Menna, Sheik-el-Gurna, Valley of the Nobles, Luxor, Egypt -
    A.R.C.E. (American Research Centre in Egypt). Last conservation phase
    of C15th - C14th BC wall paintings, Thutmosi IV.



  • Tomb of Menna, Luxor, Egypt.
    First phase of the conservation project, survey and documentation.



  • Assistant to “The Wall Painting Workshop” - Holbein Hall, Reigate Priory, Surrey.
    Conservation of the C18th oil on plaster wall painting “ The Marriage of Juno and Jupiter”


  • Assistant to Ann Ballantine - Abbey Church of St Peter and St Paul,
    Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire.
    Conservation of C14th and C15th wall paintings, People's Chapel.
    Consolidation, cleaning and retouching of the C19th wall painting “The
    Annunciation” by W.T. Beane, Lady Chapel.



  • Assistant to “Restauriering am Oberbaum Studio” - Leonardo Project, London/Berlin.
    Treatment of the following:
    - A Renaissance Italian chimneypiece, Bode-museum Collection, Berlin.
    - N. 4 detached frescoes from the Academy of Fine Arts, 1943, Berlin.
    - Consolidation of a Gothic fresco painting, Marienkirche, Berlin.



  • Assistant to Ann Ballantine - St Swithin’s Church, Launcells, Cornwall.
    Uncovering and conservation of a C16th wall painting.


1998 - 1999

  • Assistant to Tobit Curteis
    Hill Hall, Essex - English Heritage.
    Conservation of the C16th wall paintings “Psyche and Cupid”.



  • Assistant to Paine & Stewart
    Farley-Hungerford Castle, Wiltshire - English Heritage.
    Conservation of the C17th plaster in the Chapel.

  • Assistant to Elizabeth Holford and Christoph Oldenbourg.
    Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire National Trust.
    Conservation of the C16th plaster in the Sacristy.



  • Assistant to Paine & Stewart - Dover Castle, Wales - English Heritage.
    Conservation of the C12th fresco fragments in the Royal Apartment.

  • St. James’s Palace, London.
    Conservation of two fragments of oil paintings on plaster by Antonio Verrio (C17th) and Godfrey Kneller (C18th), both from the Royal Collection of Windsor Castle.
    N.B. For reasons of brevity all Italian projects carried out between 1987-
    1996 have been omitted.

Teaching Experience

1998 - 2018

  • Porchester Castle, Hampshire - English Heritage. Assistant to Stephen Paine for the training of students from the Courtauld
    Institute, Wall Paintings Conservation Department, London.

  • Organization of courses on scagliola marble for a training of English students. Assistant to the Master Silvio Dellavedova. Associazione “Laboratorio del marmo artificiale” (“Scagliola Marble
    Workshop” Association), Rima (Vc), Italy.
    - Autonomous course for Italian students, Associazione “Laboratorio del marmo artificiale”, Rima (Vc), Italy.
    - Appointed mentor of the 2018 Inches Carr Award winner - technique of
    scagliola marble – Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

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